Jivago WHITE GOLD for Women EDT 75ml

Ilana Jivago


The Fragrance of Pure Love


Capacity: Eau de Toilette, 2.5oz/ 75ml


Seductive and pure, White Gold is worn by women who appreciate chic. Fresh and delicate, a sparkling floral fragrance with a classic alluring bouquet of lush White Peony, Lily of the Valley with Orris at its heart.


These exquisite flowers rest delicately upon a base of precious Rosewood flanked by radiant Musk and sultry Vanilla adding soft sensuality to the composition. Genuine white gold invokes positive giving energy.


WHITE GOLD for Women is a sheer and sophisticated floral fragrance –  a smooth pane of glass behind which to be admired.


Cool, crisp and elegant, this fragrance commands a trustworthy respect with gentle, intimate, delicate chic.



Top Notes
Orange,  Bergamot,  Sparkling Air Accord

Heart Notes
Peony,  Peach,  Rosewood,  Lily-of-the-Valley

Base Notes
Orris,  Amber,  Musk,  Vanilla

We recommend the EDT to women who prefer a more delicate fragrant experience, and the EDP to women who prefer a more enduring scent.

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