JIVAGO Mon Amour for Women EDT 75ml



MON AMOUR for Women is the scintillating new fragrance by Ilana Jivago.


Cool and sophisticated, this contemporary fragrance for the modern woman is unmistakable. Confidence, style, and character carry your personality on the wind.

All of Ilana Jivago's fragrances are inspired each by a different kind of love. MON AMOUR for Women and its male counterpart AMOUR for Men are inspired by the romantic love that makes cheeks blush and hearts race.

A brand new release for 2022, this exclusive feminine fragrance is a striking and contemporary counterpart to our classic signature.

A vibrant, electric fragrance enters a room infusing the air with a sensual appeal and leaving a trail of magnetic essence carrying you to its sensational world. A fresh and playful scent of inviting warmth, this perfume arouses and restores virility. Many beautiful oils lace together to form a harmonious blend, heightening your senses to passion and togetherness.  This rich, feminine blend caresses your heart and soul in a world of warmth and belonging.


Unusual notes with magical properties such as melissa to fulfill wishes for success, oud to heighten your senses, and sweet birch to heighten sexual attraction combine with a sensual floral heart of exotic blooms tempered by cool orris, complimented by mentally stimulating notes of artemesia, honeysuckle and a mercurial mastic over a base built around a labdanum amber accord to sweep you off your feet. Your true love must stimulate your mind, your soul, and your body; with such diversely stimulating notes, this engaging fragrance excites all three to encourage harmony from within - music perfect for your true love's heart to beat in time to... for love is music of the heart.

Top Notes


Heart Notes

Wild Orchid

Base Notes

Sweet Birch



We recommend the EDT to women who prefer a more delicate fragrant experience, and the EDP tor Parfum Concentration to women who prefer a more enduring scent.


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