JIVAGO Classic Collection

Jivago ROSE GOLD for Women EDP 75ml

Ilana Jivago


The Fragrance of Passion & Romance

Capacity: 2.5oz/ 75ml  EDP


Exciting, vibrant and playful, ROSE GOLD for Women  is a rare and remarkable floral creation.


Flirtatious and free, this is a conversation-starting fragrance for the confident and outgoing woman with personality.This warm, sensual and enduring feminine fragrance is inspired by the magical power of romance. ROSE GOLD for Women is a thrilling, outgoing and cheerful fragrance full of character and a zest for life.


Warm, personable notes from around the world gather to celebrate with you the joy and excitement of romance.

Top Notes
Bergamot,  Rose

Heart Notes
Night-Blooming Jasmine
Lily-of-the-Valley,  Violet,  Peach

Base Notes
Orris,  Sandalwood,  White Cedar
Vanilla,  Moss,  Amber,  Musk

 We recommend the EDT to women who prefer a more delicate fragrant experience, and the EDP to women who prefer a more enduring scent.

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